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EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System

Your home has subterranean termites. Or you realise there is a good chance that it will if it is not properly protected. But the only way to stop termites is an invasive process that requires the application of hundreds of litres of toxic spray under and around your home. Right?

Not anymore. Imagine all this being replaced by the application in a closed and locked station of a termite bait containing a few grams of an active ingredient less toxic than table salt. Welcome to the future of termite management - termite baiting with Exterra.

Until recently, the almost exclusively used method of termite management was the application of a chemical termite barrier. The application of such a barrier to your home would typically involve spraying large volumes of toxic and environmentally persistent chemicals around and under its foundation in close proximity to you and your family. But Exterra radically changes all that. And as important as Exterra's environment friendly features are, they're just a big bonus. Exterra's greatest advantage compared to chemical barriers is its ability to eliminate the actual source of your termite problem - the termite colony itself.

The Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System is a systematic, multi-step termite management method. Australian field trials have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the system in controlling subterranean termites in Australia.

The Exterra System represents a true paradigm shift in termite management. Conventional approaches to termite management can be likened to treating the symptoms of a disease but not the actual disease. Exterra in many ways is akin to treating the actual disease. Exterra even offers the possibility of curing the "disease."

Random Foraging

House under attack from termites. 
The first step in the Exterra Management program is a thorough inspection of your property by a fully accredited and licensed pest manager. Your pest manager will determine the nature of the threat to your property and recommend cultural changes you should make as well as determining optimal placement of Exterra Stations.

Station Placement

Exterra Stations are placed around your property. 
Stations are checked regularly for evidence of termite activity. If termites are actively attacking your home internal Above-ground Stations are installed. Exterra Above-ground Stations are valuable because they allow your termite problem to be dealt with quickly, right at the point of termite attack - right now. This can mean a significant decrease in the time between System installation and colony elimination. A hand-held computer and barcode scanner is used to record and compute all the data about your property and ensure the quality of your management program.

Interception of Termites

Termites are intercepted by Exterra Stations. 
Foraging termites are easily detected in the Stations. The unique (patented) open cavity design of the Exterra In-ground Station allows for termite attack to be observed without disturbing the feeding termites. This is very important. And the Interceptors are also not disturbed during the bait application process. 
There are several advantages to Exterra, but two are paramount. First, the Exterra Requiem Termite Bait actually eliminates the termite colony. The second important advantage is the dramatic reduction in the amounts of pesticide necessary for termite control.

Bait Placement

The Exterra Station is baited with Requiem 
The Requiem Termite Bait is added without any need to disturb the termites. This is vital in order to achieve quick and consistent results. The unique formulation of the Requiem is highly palatable to termites and they readily consume the Requiem in preference to timber. In fact Australian studies have shown that once termites start feeding on the Requiem they will stop feeding on the timbers in your home. Requiem is also very low toxicity to you, your family, your pets and the environment. And it is always contained in tamper-resistant Stations so it is only accessible to the termites.

Feeding / Colony Elimination

The Termite Colony is eliminated by the Requiem Bait. 
The termites feed on the Requiem Termite Bait and take it back to the colony where it is fed slowly throughout the entire colony. Since the termites die gradually , they do not associate the colony's demise with the Requiem Bait. This ensures that the entire colony is eliminated.

Ongoing monitoring

The effects of Requiem are complete and the colony is gone. 
Fresh interceptors are placed in the Stations and 'Peace of Mind' monitoring continues. Your property always remains susceptible to future attack from new termite colonies or other established colonies in your area. To relieve this constant threat the Exterra System works on an ongoing process of monitoring, baiting and eliminating. This makes its use ideal as an ongoing early warning system.