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At Sydney Wide our philosophy is simple, we aim to provide you with a pest control strategy that we believe should be both pleasant and without fuss.

These days , everyone is environmentally conscious. Right now, one of your most valuable assets, your home, could be under the threat of the environment itself. Some of the pests we encounter like termites ( white ants ) and borers can cause significant structural damage to your home, potentially causing tens of thousands of dollars damage. These are pests we deem as being of economic significance, to you – the homeowner.

Other pests such as cockroaches, spiders, rodents, fleas, bees & wasps, can compromise the health and comfort of your family.

Eliminating these pests, requires striking a delicate balance between protecting the environment, also the health and safety of your family.

This is where we can advise you on the most effective treatment method required to control the problem.

At Sydney Wide we will always be conscious and pro active in the use of the latest and safest possible products available to the pest control industry.

We can offer a range of termite treatment options including Termite Interception & Baiting Systems to the more traditional chemical application methods.

We welcome any enquiries & can provide obligation free quotes for you.

So take a few moments & have a look through our website & if we can help you in any way please don't hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.


The concept of IPM can be best defined as follows:

IPM relies on an understanding of the ecology of the pest ( in particular ; those factors which favour it's development where this is undesirable ), draws from this knowledge non-chemical approaches that will make the environment less suited to the development of the pest population; and may involve, in the control process, the judicious and sensitive use of pesticides, where & when necessary.

The primary objective of IPM is to minimize any harmful effects that may result from the use of pesticides. A key component of all IPM programs is a thorough inspection and survey of the site, that may involve monitoring pest populations. For example German cockroach infestations, in household kitchens, restaurants, bars, food & grain warehouses & other premises, often present a consistent need for attention by a qualified pest control operator.

Whilst a company may treat such a premises, sometimes with  great frequency, using the same application techniques & the same chemicals time after time,  at Sydney Wide Pest Control we will consider other strategies as well as chemical control measures, eg: with your help there may be other forms of control like physical, cultural,etc. to achieve the results required.

At Sydney Wide Environmental Pest Control we are:

•  Fully licensed

•  Covered by Public liability & Professional indemnity insurance

Remember Sydney Wide for all your Pest Control problems.